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  (I love all the empirical evidence that’s surfacing

   now that confirms what these motivational

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King’s College                                            

Wilkes-Barre, PA               Major: Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts                Minor: Psychology                  


Mentor Coach Institute

           Coaching Foundation 105 & 121  


Mentor Coach Institute

            ADHD Masters Class

Advanced ADHD Coaching Master Class​

Year long theoretical and experiential coaching program.  Specific training for coaching adults with ADHD

           ICF accredited coach school                                                          


International Coaching Federation

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The Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) 
Certificate Number:  # 2263
Certificate Date: 5/2/2012

Certified EFT Practitioner

           Emotional Freedom Technique

Body-Centered Coach Training

           Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC




Additional Training

  • Ben Franklin Time Management
  • Strategic Planning          
  • Dale Carnegie Course
  • Shaw Industries
  • CSI, Project Management

     I am a Life Empowerment Coach who specializes in working with people who have ADHD.  My philosophy is ADHD is an explanation, not an excuse. 

I am passionate about my work because I am able to incorporate the things I love most – helping others to identify their own strengths, listening to what’s important to them, building confidence, and creating ways to help them overcome the ADHD symptoms that are holding them back.

     My own goals as a professional coach are to first, listen to the needs of my clients, secondly, to give them customized tools to effect change in their lives, and thirdly, provide accurate and most up-to-date information and research on ADHD developments.

It’s about motivation and focus. Together we are able to articulate their goals, make sure they’re realistic and create an action plan that keeps them on track by using new tools and strategies that help them meet their goals and then maintain what they’ve accomplished.

I respect and want to help any person who is sincere and truly making an effort to help themselves.  I appreciate that they are making an investment in themselves and I strive to assist them achieve their goals in a time frame that best suits their needs.

As an adult with ADHD, I understand the challenges that my clients often face both in their personal and in their professional lives. I offer support and knowledge to help them move forward. I am familiar with the high percentage of comorbid diagnoses (more than one disorder) such as anxiety, depression and/or bipolar to name a few that so many have as an added burden.

     Along with my training to become a professional life coach, I have learned successful strategies through my 20 plus years of experience working in corporate America.  Being responsible for multimillion dollar sales each year taught me how to work under pressure, organize paperwork and meet deadlines.

In addition, I am able to share my experiences of learning to cope with stress, procrastination, organization and time management. These tasks can be extremely difficult for those who experience ADHD. The good news is that they can learn to overcome these challenges and with my assistance they can do it faster and more easily. 


ADHD, Attention Deficit 
Hyperactivity Disorder, coaching 
is a one-on-one, non-psycho-
therapeutic intervention for 
managing their symptoms and

I work from coast to coast 
including Canada. 

My clients can choose between 
office visitor, phone, or  confidential 
HIPPA approved video session.
With my background I work one 
on one or in a team with my client's 
therapist, physician, and/or work 
site personnel.

Don’t let having ADHD stop you 
from reaching your goals and
​enjoying your life.

  • Discover your values & strengths​
  • Identify the problems that hold you back
  • Build a strength-based plan
  • Stay on track and succeed