Thank you Veronica for bringing your "Uniquely Qualified" gifts to professionals like me."
                                                                                                                                                    -   D.M., Austin, Texas

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"As an executive I was very pleased with my investment in coaching. Veronica gave me new information on how neuroplasticity impacts my performance and how simple techniques, delivered in a short period of time, produce tangible results. ​​

Veronica’s coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to deal with some very difficult issues at work.  Veronica creatively role played with me and helped instill the confidence I needed to confront my fears.”       

                                                                                                                                                             -   D.F., Dallas, Texas

"I’ve lived with ADD my whole life.  While medication helps me cope Veronica gave me real life strategies to thrive.  I won’t say that it’s easy, but I was surprised at how natural her plan for me felt.  If you’re ready to do the work Veronica can give you the tools to get started and FINISH!"                                                                                                                                 -   J.P., Austin, Texas

By incorporating a combination of

laser focused coaching, deep listening, assessments, strategizing, 

education, belief analysis, motivation

and accountability. 

I help my clients move forward. 

I use the co-active coaching style and focus on my client's strengths.

It  seems most of my client seek me out because of professional challenges and problems. With that in mind I have developed my own coaching system, first we put out the fires then we strategize together using your strengths, needs, and wants to develop the system that will get you and keep you on track.  
By the time you've finished coaching with me you will have learned to be your own coach.

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Surviving to Thriving.​​​​

​​Veronica Cobb, Board Certified Coach

As your Executive Function Coach,
you'll get clarity on the differences 
between what the brain can do, 
what the mind can do, 
and what you can do!​​

From  “Scared and Scattered” to “Brave and Balanced”

    When I first came to you I felt so “scared and scattered.”  Your support and encouragement was a relief.  You not only helped me save

    my job but you helped me to be able to enjoy my work and feel successful. Your patience, knowledge and sense of humor helped me

    be able to move forward when I was overwhelmed and immobilized by my AD/HD. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this confident or had more

    balance in my entire life.  For all you’ve empowered me to accomplish I say, “Thank you!” 

                                                                                                                                        “Brave and Balanced”

                                                                                                                                                                -   L.C., Austin, Texas

Turn things around for yourself

   and start turning

Your Intentions Into Reality​​

Veronica has helped me immensely!

I came to Veronica out of desperation. I was diagnosed with ADD while at college, but after graduating, I put the diagnosis on a shelf, since I preferred not to identify as someone with a learning disability. But about a year ago, the challenges ADD imposes were catching up to me at work, and I received a formal reprimand letter about my performance. I had been late to meetings too often, had missed too many deadlines, had spaced on too many obligations. I am an intelligent person, I am dedicated to my job, and I had been trying my best. But no matter how hard I tried, things just weren’t getting any better. I was freaking out. 

Finally faced with the terrifying prospect of losing my job, I realized I needed to do something different. I searched the internet for “ADD support group,” and ended up finding Veronica. I didn’t know if she could tell me anything I hadn’t already heard, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Coaching with Veronica has been one of the most “worth it” things I’ve done in my life. After a year working with Veronica:

I feel confident in my role as a supervisor of three staff. I’m proud of the fact that they consult me for input on their projects, and of the fact that our team has a strong sense of cohesion and camaraderie.
I am on top of short term and long term deadlines.
I arrive on time to meetings.
I have learned effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety.
I leave work most days feeling grounded and ready for the next day, and arrive at work most days with a good sense of what is coming up that day.

At my most recent annual review, my supervisor expressed to me that he is impressed with my professional growth this year. Two colleagues have approached me for advice about how to be an effective supervisor, impressed with the dynamic of my team.

I think Veronica has been able to help me so much as a coach for three main reasons. She is extremely knowledgeable about techniques for the professional setting that are helpful for people with ADD; she takes a holistic approach (our professional selves are part of our larger selves); and she has ADD, herself. Veronica inspires me because she has found ways to thrive with ADD. Also, she understands where I’m coming from. Those of us who have ADD face a lot of incredulity in our lives (“How could you forget something so important?” “How are you late again?”), but I never had to worry about this with Veronica. She already “gets it”, so you can set right to work problem solving.

I still struggle with ADD, but I am doing so much better.

I highly recommend Veronica.

​This client also got a promotion and a $5000.00 raise

while we were coaching together!

      Veronica Cobb, BCC

     "Turning Intentions Into Reality"

ADHD, Attention Deficit 
Hyperactivity Disorder, coaching 
is a one-on-one, non-psycho-
therapeutic intervention for 
managing their symptoms and

I work from coast to coast 
including Canada. 

My clients can choose between 
office visitor, phone, or  confidential 
HIPPA approved video session.
With my background I work one 
on one or in a team with my client's 
therapist, physician, and/or work 
site personnel.

​"Veronica, you have been such a good coach. I had worked with other coaches and I can tell you, you have a great balance of truly caring, very knowledgeable and strategic.  Just what I needed. Thank you.

​                                                                                                                                                      -  L.M., Addison, IL